Malaysia Prayer Time

An essential apps for Muslim in Malaysia. Help you determine the latest prayer times, finding qibla and more.

*Sorry, this app is not available for iOS yet.

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Everything you need

"Hurry to the prayer. Hurry to success"

Feature packed while keeping the design clean and minimal

Sleek Design.
Designed from the the ground up to be simple and pleasing to the eye.
Data is taken from the official local authority
We are open source.
Found a bug or want to contribute to the project? Visit our GitHub!
Continuous support.
We are always working on improving the app and adding new features.


What users are saying about the app

“the internal design is pretty sejuk mata memandang this app can definetely upgrade where user can read quran and zikir daily so they dont have to install so many apps well done!!! ”

izzah yusra

“Satisfied using this app. Accurate as per azan from nearby mosque and surau. Thank you developer. Keep up the good work.. May you be duly rewarded”

Amiruddin Khwaja Kamaluddin

“Clean Fluttery goodness! Hats off to the dev. Maybe JAKIM should learn a thing or two from you.”

Abdullah Mubarak

“suara azan yg sedap dan waktu yg tepat...ok mantap”

Noor Azizi

“Terbaik waktu solat yg tepat”

Siti Aishah

“Best apps for people who are looking for straight forward solat time. Not fussy like some of app that load unnecessary thing every time you on it”

Mohd Rizal

*Reviews are from Google Play Store